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Flagship project KoopeRáció+ started

Dear Partner, Dear Reader!

We are pleased to inform you that the National Employment Public Non-profit Ltd. (OFA nKft), after the success of Flagship project KoopeRáció, -as a continuation of this previous work- has been able to start its activity again as Flagship project TÁMOP 2.4.3.E KoopeRáció+. You can still use our well-known services for free, and we readily expect you to our events throughout the country!

Team of Flagship project KoopeRáció+

National Employment Public Non-profit Ltd.’s (OFA nKft) central (Budapest) office and regional network known and respected professional service provider in the country. Its strengths: the human resource composition, the excellent local network of relations and the special professional knowledge. Personal accosts and requests to players made collaborations 'alive' and broad. Working in the central office, project management, professional managers and team mates, just as staff specialists in the regional network are colleagues from a variety of areas: e.g. economists, human experts.

Aim of flagship project TÁMOP 2.4.3.E KoopeRáció+

Under the New Széchenyi Plan it promotes adaptability-improvement, increases efficiency of programs aiming both Social Economy- and (NGO) labour market service providers’ capacity-development. Professional support for project implementer organizations: facilitates networking, spreads well-tried operation-models among them, helps systematic application and institutionalisation, and transfers experiences.

Domestic experience in promoting both foundation and sustainable operation of social-cooperatives, and its related professional role, made OFA nKft - including OFA Network - suitable to provide professional background support to these social-cooperatives. In fact this is the task for flagship project KoopeRáció+. Services are primarily targeting those natural persons and representatives of self-governments who are interested in founding social cooperatives. Then, also targets: TÁMOP-2.4.3-D-1,2-13/1,2 tender winners. Furthermore, based on the principle of partnership, firms operating in the environment of the (tender winner) project owners, and other actors in the social economy are targets too.

Other sub-project of KoopeRáció+ is providing professional assistance to beneficiaries of grant scheme: TÁMOP 2.6.2., in this context its special service is the reference check. This grant scheme (TÁMOP 2.6.2.) is intended to secure that labour market service providers’ capacity-improvement should follow the directions and requirements of employment policy, should be implemented in an adequate professional-quality level. Goal of flagship project KoopeRáció+: organisations providing labour market services to be developed in accordance with the service standards, theirs quality management systems to contribute to the emergence of a nationally consistent, high standard service-system.

Free of charge services

  • use of professional support, consulting, independent external experts
  • holding professional events throughout the country,
  • strengthening management capacity - increases knowledge
  • evaluation embedded in process
  • methodological, and other professional publications,
  • website and newsletter services,
  • market-gain and -expansion services
  • other services required by the target

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For news & events information on flagship project KoopeRáció+, and on Social Economy, please contact www.szocialisgazdasag.hu our website. Please note that you can download laws, previous publications, professional videos, presentations and events materials from our website.