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Services of Flagship-project “KoopeRáció+“

Aim of Flagship-project

  • Social Economy development: increasing efficiency of programs aim both founding and developing social-cooperatives; helping both formulation and professional support of networks by transferring experiences
  • Support labour market services providers (NGOs): strengthening their service capacities; enriching both organisation-development and quality-management methods of these NGOs; spreading well-tried service-models among them and providing professional support to system-level adaptation of such models


Our Services

  • Professional support of project generation
  • Professional consulting, providing direct customer service, offers opportunity for independent professional expertise

Aim of these services: strengthen and develop professional- and management-capacities; network-building; identify alternatives of market gains.

Professional consulting can take place at two different locations: first, Project’s Regional Offices; second, external places. In addition, colleagues of Flagship-project KoopeRáció+ provide direct professional customer service (in our Regional Offices) on above-mentioned topics. (This later service can be offered either by phone or e-mail, or on-demand: face-to-face.)

Independent professional expertise in sub-project Social-cooperatives

  • Business-development, business planning
  • Legal advice
  • Financial- and tax-advice

In these areas independent experts with high professional skills and experience are available to those interested.

A free of charge expert assistance must be initiated to competent regional professional colleague (located in one of the Project’s Regional Office Network), then made ​​the appointment, and the consultation takes place.

Further activities:

  • Network-building, generating network collaboration, exchange of experience (professional events) throughout the country
  • Setup a knowledge-base (information and methodological development)
  • Feedback development results to employment-policy actors
  • Knowledge-increase workshops for target group of Flagship-project
  • Preparation of professional analyzes, researching, study-writing
  • Experience exchange at national and international level
  • Dissemination activities
  • Website (www. szocialisgazdasag.hu) and newsletter services, joint press releases